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Our International Presence

  • 1. National Competition - 28th Dec 2019
  • 2. International Exam in Hongkong 2020
  • 3. International Exam in Egypt 2021
  • 4. International Certification Exam - 15th Dec 2019
  • 5. Gujarat State Level Competition 5th Jan 2020
  • 6. Karnataka State Level Competition 12th Jan 2020
  • 7. Pune District Competition 19th Jan 2020
  • 8. Mumbai City District Competition 2nd Feb 2020
  • 9. Madhya Pradesh State Competition 9th Feb 2020
  • 10. Nagpur State Competition 16th Feb 2020

Company Information

Smart Kid Abacus Learning Pvt Ltd is a professionally managed Company providing Abacus Franchise and state of the art Abacus Training Since the Year 2004, with it's presence in 27 States of India and also in 22 Countries as of now. In India, we have 3000+ Abacus Franchise, 5000+ Centers & 100000+ Students studying various courses. We have provided Abacus Training to more than 5000 individuals. The Abacus Training offered by Smart Kid is the Latest and Most Comprehensive Abacus Training Program in the Abacus Training Industry. The Courses are designed for students in the age group of 4-14 years. These courses promote Whole Brain development by stimulating both sides of the brain along with enhancement in skills, which leads to greater confidence in students to succeed in School Curriculum & also in all walks of life. The company has been organizing Abacus National Competition every year for students since Dec 2011.

We are glad to offer exclusive Abacus Franchise, Abacus Training as well as Franchise & Training for every Course offered by the Company to dedicated teachers/individuals/institutions with very little investment. The Company believes in nurturing talents & supporting each Franchise by providing Continuous Training Support till he/she becomes independent in terms of all the business aspects.

Each Franchise, Course Instructor, Student & Parent is considered as an Asset of the Company & is well looked after.

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