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Smart Vedic Mathematics (Age Group 12 Yrs. Onward)

We are glad to offer exclusive Vedic Maths Franchise, Vedic Maths Training. The Company believes in nurturing talent and supporting each franchise by providing Continuous training support.

Vedic mathematics has origin from the fourth veda called “Atharva Veda”. Vedic mathematics is a system of mathematics which consists a list of basic 16 sutras. Vedic mathematics was introduced by “Hindu Scholar” of mathematics in the early age of 20th century. The calculating strategies provided by Vedic mathematics are very creative and useful which can be applied in a number of ways to calculate various methods in arithmetic and Algebra.


Develops the children mind
Increased calculation capacity
Extensively used in solving the geometry, calculus and computing
Useful for the
Competitive Exams

This course is designed for in the age group 12 yrs above and is divided in 3 levels.