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Smart English (AGE GROUP 6 years Onwards)

We are glad to offer exclusive English Speaking Franchise. The Company believes in nurturing talent and supporting each franchise by providing Continuous training support.

English, being the language that’s accepted throughout the world, is worth mastering. Learning English as a language offers many benefits in today’s business world, and one of the most important one is it is the most common language to communicate with people throughout the world.

Knowing English opens up many work opportunities no matter what ethnicity, colour or background a person comes from.

Being able to speak English allows parents to teach their own children to speak the language from an early age, making it that much easier for the children to get the grip with grammar, vocabulary and idiosyncrasies of the language.

It’s the one world language that opens numerous doors to those who can speak it fluently. Once you appreciate all the reasons why it is so important to be able to speak English, should motivate you to do so to the best of your abilities.



This is a Three level course for the students from 1st – 4th Standard. Each level is of 4 months :

Elementary (1st to 4th Std)

 -Sentence Formation (Worksheets)

 -Listening/Speaking (Situations, Reading paragraphs, Expressing (Role Play)

 -Introduction to Grammar

 -Classroom fun activities (Games)